Jessie L

Phoenix, Arizona, USA

“Your words, just shinier.”

Jessie L

Specialist subjects:

Advertising Biological Sciences Business E-commerce English Marketing Mental Health Social Media Theology & Religious Studies


BA English

Northern Arizona University


Favorite referencing style

I'll always have a soft spot for MLA, which my high school English teacher ensured was absolutely drilled into my brain!

Why I became an editor

After graduating university with an eclectic handful of certifications, I began my career as a blog content and social media writer. I had the privilege of writing for an equally eclectic variety of industries, including outdoor recreation, telecom, mental health, and digital marketing. I especially loved the challenge of writing for industries that I knew little about. It taught me how to produce highly accurate and natural-sounding writing regardless of the topic.

I later studied copywriting and began writing website copy for online businesses. But it wasn’t until I became a marketing manager at a software company that I got my first real taste of editing. It was love at first typo.

I began working as a freelance editor in 2018. Editing is my dream job, and I feel so lucky to be able to put my perfectionist brain to practical use while helping others grow as writers and communicators.

Background and experience

I have the following experience:

Freelance writer, editor, and writing coach


Marketing manager at a software company


Content marketing specialist at one of Arizona's top advertising agencies


Why I love proofreading and editing

From years of being an avid reader and writer, I've developed a passion for communication. I see editing as more than just a job — it's an opportunity to help individuals become more effective communicators. While I love digging into different kinds of writing, I especially enjoy editing marketing content, as that's what I have been focused on for the majority of my career.

Jessie L

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Favorite book:

Oh, that's like choosing a favorite child! But I'd have to say I'm currently loving The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I never grew out of my love for fairy tales, and I don't plan to.


When I'm not reviewing others' writing, I'm usually writing for my own blog, making videos for YouTube, or sewing costumes for my next comic-con.

Editing tips:

I find it incredibly effective to proofread in different fonts. I'll do one pass in the original font and then make a copy of the document with the whole thing in Comic Sans. It sounds silly, but those bubbly letters make it feel like you're reading a brand new document, and different errors stand out as a result.

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