Glenys R

Glossop Derbyshire, United Kingdom

“Slow but steady.”

Glenys R

Specialist subjects:

Business & Management English TESOL


MA in English Language Teaching

Thames Valley University


Favorite referencing style

I'm most familiar with the APA referencing style, so that is the style I prefer. However, I am keen to work with other styles too.

Why I became an editor

My previous job was teaching English for Academic Purposes. This involved giving feedback to students on their writing as well as writing and reviewing exams. When considering a career change, I wanted a job in which I could use my skills, and proofreading seemed like the closest fit.

Background and experience

In my university post, I had the opportunity to proofread students' dissertations and theses. I have also done some copyediting for a linguistics journal.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Generally, I enjoy the detailed reading involved in proofreading and editing. I like to make corrections and suggest changes that can clarify the writer's purpose and meaning. As an ESL/EAP instructor, I am used to helping students express themselves in a language that is not their first. Proofreading academic texts gives me the opportunity to continue this type of work.

Glenys R

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Favorite book:

Nine Lives by William Dalrymple


When I'm not proofreading, I enjoy reading and walking in the beautiful countryside near where I live.

Editing tips:

I like to consider the author and the purpose of the text, as this can help me decide on any suggested changes. I also feel that it helps to skim through the text before proofreading.

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