Max C

England, United Kingdom

“My aim is not just to correct writing, but to improve it.”

Max C

Specialist subjects:

Communication & Media Studies Cultural Studies English Fiction Film Studies History Language & Literature Mental Health Philosophy Psychiatry

Editing formats:


BA in English Language and Literature

University of Oxford


MA in English

University of Oxford


Favorite referencing style

APA because it's the most logical and seems to be widespread, and I have an interest in psychology and psychiatry.

Why I became an editor

Having studied English language and literature at Oxford University, I have a passion for language and writing. I taught graduates and undergraduates at several UK universities and educational programmes of the European Union. All the feedback I have received indicates that I have the ability to bring clarity to the most demanding and unclear academic writing. In less than a year, I have edited over 200 hundred documents (in excess of one million words) on a very wide range of subjects.

Background and experience

See previous answer.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I often look at proofreading and copyediting as solving an extremely demanding crossword puzzle. I am passionate about quality scholarship, and I can see that this has sometimes been impeded by problems of vocabulary, grammar, and other ingredients of excellent writing. It is my great pleasure to work on a piece so as to allow the scholarship to shine through. I also have a devotion to accuracy and the ability to complete long and complex assignments quickly with a high degree of precision.

Max C

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Favorite book:

‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


My hobbies are exercising, walking, reading, watching films, meditating, and cooking.

Editing tips:

I think it's important to preserve as much of the customer's voice as possible. I will also extensively use comments to suggest improvements and alternatives and raise queries in a constructive way.

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