Dakota A

Owensboro, United States

“I came. I saw. I edited.”

Specialist subjects:

Computer/Information Sciences


Associates in Applied Science

Owensboro Community and Technical College


Favorite referencing style

MLA is my favorite because that is the one I am most familiar with.

Why I became an editor

During my extended leave from work, I needed something to do. A friend online told me she was taking a course at Proofreading Academy. I thought to myself, "that sounds like something I could do well." After much work, I eventually completed the course with distinction. Now, I'm excited to have something to do that I enjoy.

Background and experience

I have prior experience in various types of proofreading.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love proofreading because I’ve always had a knack for spotting errors. I believe having good grammar is an essential part of writing anything. There is also a sort of joy in looking back over something and seeing how a flawed work was turned into something flawless.

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Favorite book:

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


Lately, I've been getting heavily into fitness.

Editing tips:

I like to read over the full document a few times first to get an idea of the tone. Then I take note of any small errors and keep a firm eye out for other similar errors later on.

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