Word Choice: However or Nevertheless?
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  • 16th July 2022

Word Choice: However or Nevertheless?

Getting your writing perfect can be challenging. However, we’re here to help. Nevertheless, there are words that come up that can be confusing. See what we did there?

However and nevertheless are interchangeable, but sometimes one word is more appropriate to use than the other. Today, we’ll be clearing up when to use however and when to use nevertheless.


Most of us use the word however without giving it much thought. In 2022, it’s a much more commonly used word than nevertheless.

However is a transition word that shows a contrast between two statements or ideas. It can be used in the middle of a sentence:

I liked the film; however, it wasn’t as funny as it seemed in the trailer.


Nevertheless is much less common than however. But, like however, nevertheless is also a transition word that is used to present opposing ideas or statements.

He didn’t perform as well as usual. Nevertheless, the audience loved him.

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So, what’s the difference?

However and nevertheless are interchangeable words. However, you might want to consider the following to inform your choice:

First, nevertheless is more formal than however. It’s not often used in spoken English (although it’s completely fine to use it in spoken English if you want to) and lends itself more to academic or business writing.

Nevertheless is better used as a concessional statement. But however is commonly used as both a concessional statement and to present opposing ideas. It’s more emphatic than however.

If you’re struggling, think of it like this: nevertheless is more like in spite of, and however is more like but.

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