Vocabulary Tips: Synonyms for “However”
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  • 9th February 2022

Vocabulary Tips: Synonyms for “However”

The word however is a conjunctive adverb, which means that it’s used to link two sentences. Linking or transition words like this are important in academic writing because they show how the ideas you present in your work are connected.

Without transition words, your essays and assignments will be a series of disjointed phrases, making it difficult for readers to understand your arguments. Because however is such a useful word though, it’s easy to overuse it and end up with dull, repetitive writing. In this post, we’ll show you some alternatives, so your writing won’t become however heavy!

What Does “However” Mean?

You use however when you are introducing a contrasting or opposing idea:

Chocolate is very high in sugar; however, it is a popular snack.

Those shoes are expensive; however, they look fabulous.

I think kittens are adorable. I am, however, allergic to them.

Synonyms for “However”

You can avoid repetitive use of however by replacing it with one of the following words or phrases:

●  But

●  Although

●  Still

●  Nevertheless

●  Notwithstanding

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●  Nonetheless

●  Yet

●  On the other hand

●  Despite this or in spite of this

All of these have a broadly similar meaning to however, in that they express opposition or limitation. In most of our above examples, you could simply replace however with one of the listed alternatives:

Chocolate is very high in sugar; nevertheless, it is a popular snack.

Those shoes are expensive; still, they look fabulous.

 In some cases though, the alternatives only work if you structure the sentences differently:

I think kittens are adorable, but I am allergic to them.

Summary: Words to Use Instead of “However”

However is a useful word, because it links phrases or sentences and indicates a change in your line of reasoning. If you want to avoid repetitive use of however in your writing, be sure to choose an alternative word or phrase that has the same meaning, that is, a transition word that introduces a contrasting idea.

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