Three Online Writing Platforms for Professionals
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  • 18th April 2022

Three Online Writing Platforms for Professionals

​​Developing strong writing skills is important for professionals across all roles and industries. Producing writing that is clear and effective helps ensure that you communicate professionally, both internally with your colleagues and externally with your clients.

Fortunately, there are many online writing courses to help! Read on to learn about three great platforms where you can find a variety of writing courses.

1. CreativeLive

CreativeLive has a wide range of classes for creators of all kinds, including writers. The instructors include entrepreneurs, bloggers, and online personalities, and the classes are recorded at a studio with a live group of students. This provides you with the opportunity to hear other students’ reactions and questions.

The classes are offered via a desktop browser or mobile app, and you’re given 24/7 access to complete the courses at your own pace. Most of the lessons are 5–15 minutes long, can be downloaded to watch offline, and include downloadable PDFs, exercises, and worksheets.

You can choose to purchase classes individually or subscribe on a monthly basis, and CreativeLive adds new classes every month! Here are a few of their writing classes for professionals:

●  Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs

●  Effective E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

●  SEO Copywriting: Optimize Your Website Copy

●  How to Write Captivating Commercials and Promos

2. Udemy

Another great platform with a wide variety of writing courses is Udemy. The classes typically include recordings of the instructors, who are experts in their field, and incorporate additional resources, such as articles and practice activities. Classes are available on the desktop or through their mobile app, and you’re given lifetime access to complete the courses at your own pace. You also receive a certificate upon completion of paid courses!

You can choose to purchase classes individually or buy a monthly subscription. Whether you’re looking to improve your grammar and punctuation or develop your content marketing skills, Udemy offers a wide variety of writing courses. Here are a few:

●  Professional Business Writing Masterclass

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●  Content Marketing 2022. Content that Sells!

●  Business Email Writing for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

●  Punctuation Mastery

3. Masterclass

A great option for professionals whose projects are more on the creative end of the scale is Masterclass. The instructors are celebrities and world-renowned experts in their field, and they typically present a set of 20 lessons in videos that average 10 minutes in length. You’re also given downloadable worksheets and reading lists, and you can participate in the member community to discuss the courses with other students.

Classes can be accessed via desktop, mobile app, or smart TV. With an annual subscription, you’re given 24/7 access to complete all of the offered courses at your own pace. Here are a few of the writing courses offered by Masterclass:

●  Writing for Television with Shonda Rhimes

●  The Art of Storytelling with Neil Gaiman

●  Writing for Social Change with Roxane Gay

●  Screenwriting with Aaron Sorkin

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