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  • 27th February 2015

Synonyms for “Because”

The word “because” is used to join two ideas and express cause and effect:

The lemonade fizzed because we shook the bottle.

However, if you find yourself overusing the word “because,” there are alternatives available. We’re going to look at some here.


Alternatives to “Because”

Instead of “because,” you could use any of the following terms (although this may depend on the context). Consider using…


Used as conjunctions, these are the simplest alternatives to “because.” They often work as substitutes without having to change the rest of the sentence:

The lemonade fizzed, since we shook the bottle.

The lemonade fizzed, as we shook the bottle.

Due To/On Account Of/As a Result Of

These alternatives all require changing the sentence slightly. Here, for example, we need to use the term “shaking” rather than “shook”:

The lemonade fizzed due to shaking the bottle.

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The lemonade fizzed on account of shaking the bottle.

The lemonade fizzed as a result of shaking the bottle.

Which Meant/Which Caused

In these phrases, the sentence must be reversed, with the cause coming first:

We shook the bottle, which meant that the lemonade fizzed.

We shook the bottle, which made the lemonade fizz.

In this version, we need to swap ‘fizzed’ for the infinitive ‘to fizz’.

We shook the bottle, which caused the lemonade to fizz.

Using some of these alternatives will be a great way to show off your vocabulary. They will also vary the rhythm of your text and engage the reader much more, enhancing readability.

Why Not to Use the Word Because

Using a word repeatedly in a paper can make you seem unimaginative. It could also make your work dull to read. If you need help finding other words to use, or if you are not sure that you have used these words correctly, simply upload your document to be proofread within 24 hours!

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