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  • 12th February 2017

A Guide to Student Volunteering (5 Top Tips)

College life can be busy, what with classes, assignments, and tests. Never mind trying to maintain a social life! But if you have the time, you could find volunteering very rewarding.

To help explain why, we’ve put together this set of five top tips for student volunteers!

1. It Can Be an Adventure

Volunteering can take many forms. A good place to start is looking for opportunities in your local community. But if you have a taste for adventure, you could try volunteering abroad!

There are many programs available for this, with projects in lots of different countries and fields. The important thing is to do your research and find something that suits you.

Some roles come with group hugs as standard. (Photo: Lattitude Canada/wikimedia)
Some roles come with group hugs as standard.
(Photo: Lattitude Canada/wikimedia)

2. Career Benefits

Wherever you volunteer, you’ll find that it helps your career prospects. This is because student volunteering lets you gain experience and develop new skills, giving you a head start when you’re looking for work after college.

You’ll also get to meet new people and make useful contacts while volunteering, which could be vital when you’re looking for a letter of reference to accompany your resume.

3. Volunteering is Good for You!

As well as giving you opportunities to travel, learn new things, and meet new people, volunteering benefits your physical and mental health.

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Combined with an apple a day, you'll be practically immortal. (Photo: Bruno Scramgnon)
Combined with an apple a day, you’ll be practically immortal.
(Photo: Bruno Scramgnon)

The science behind it is complicated, but people who volunteer tend to feel less isolated, experience lower blood pressure, and even a longer lifespan!

When you think about it like that, ask yourself: Can you really afford to not volunteer?

4. You Can Make it Fit Your Lifestyle

You might be thinking that all of the above sound great, but you simply don’t have time to volunteer. But volunteering doesn’t have to be a big commitment.

If you can spare even a few hours a week, there are plenty of opportunities available. You can also choose to volunteer during the summer break if you don’t think you’ll have time during your studies. The key is finding something that fits your lifestyle.

5. It Makes a Difference!

Ultimately, the most important thing about volunteering is that you get to help other people. Whether it’s contributing to a major project or just being there for a stranger who needs support, student volunteers make the world a better place.

Student volunteers in action! (Photo: Eileen Hornbaker)
Student volunteers in action!
(Photo: Eileen Hornbaker)

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