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  • 7th March 2016

Spring Break Y’all! (How to Break Spring on a Budget)


OK, we’ll admit it, proofreaders are generally bookish, happier quietly reading a novel than running naked and screaming through the streets of Cancun while being cheered on by our peers.

Nevertheless, we’ve managed to come up with a few handy tips for the cash-strapped among you, as partying hard can be expensive.

Pack Everything You Need

Sure, it’s in the spirit of freedom and fun to leave the house with nothing but the clothes on your back, a plane ticket, your passport, some shades and a six-pack.

However, if you end up paying for a camera, sunblock and everything else you need while away at tourist-resort prices, you might end up wishing you packed a suitcase.

All the Fun is in the Journey

Driving isn’t as quick as flying, but if you have a car, some friends to chip in for gas and some good music for the stereo it can be a fun (and relatively inexpensive) way to get where you’re going.

Find Somewhere Cheap to Stay

When booking somewhere to stay, go directly via the hotel’s website or ring them and book over the phone to cut out the middle-man fee. Booking in advance will also help, as rooms can become expensive if you wait too long.

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An even cheaper alternative is to holiday by house-sitting for someone. Just try not to break their stuff.

Remember Your Student ID

You might be leaving college behind for a while, but your student ID can be pretty useful during spring break; lots of companies offer a student discount, so it never hurts to ask.

Make Your Own Food

Buying a few groceries and making your own meals is always much cheaper than eating out at restaurants or ordering in, especially if you’re splitting the cost with friends.

Don’t Go Anywhere

If your budget doesn’t extend to travel and accommodation, don’t worry; you can still have fun without going anywhere.

Spring break is a great time to explore your town, catch up with old friends, throw a party or watch every single episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (actually, you might need more than a week for that last one).

Alternatively, you could get a temp job, then spend the money you make on a vacation in the summer!

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