Spelling Tips: Rhythm or Rythm?
  • 2-minute read
  • 20th March 2021

Spelling Tips: Rhythm or Rythm?

Do dancers need a good sense of “rhythm” or “rythm”? This word can be difficult to spell correctly, so to make sure your writing is error free, check out our guide below.

What Does Rhythm Mean?

“Rhythm” is a noun that refers to a regular pattern of sound, words, or movement:

The rhythm of the music made him want to dance.

She moves across the tennis court with a graceful rhythm.

The poem had a strong sense of rhythm to it.

It can also describe a regular pattern of change, such as the changing of the seasons or our circadian rhythms, which govern when we sleep and wake.

Whatever the context, though, this word is always spelled “rhythm.”

The Error: Rythm

“Rhythm” is often misspelled as “rythm,” but this is always incorrect:

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He tapped out the rythm with his foot.

He tapped out the rhythm with his foot.

I’ve got no sense of rythm at all.

I’ve got no sense of rhythm at all. ✔︎

This mistake occurs because the first “h” is silent, so it is easy to miss. The correct spelling, though, is always “rhythm.” Note, too, that this word is made up entirely of consonants. In this case, the letter “y” provides the vowel sound.

Summary: Rhythm or Rythm?

“Rhythm” is a noun that typically refers to a regular beat or pattern in music or dance. It is easy to miss the first “h” in this word, but it is always spelled “rhythm.” To avoid misspelling this word, you can use the handy mnemonic:

Rhythm helps your two hips move.

The first letters in this phrase spell out “rhythm” correctly, which should help you spell it right every time! If you want to make sure all of your work is error free, though, get in touch with our expert proofreading team to see how they can help.

Comments (4)
John Low
26th February 2023 at 06:13
Actually, my name is not John Low. Anyways, I found this very useful when I got stuck trying to type rhythm, or rythm, as I misspell it there.
    4th March 2023 at 13:04
    Hi, John. Thanks for commenting! We're glad you found this helpful.
Michael Chapin
23rd March 2023 at 21:30
This was very informative. I actually looked this up because I was watching a comedy show about a spelling bee, and this was one of the words. I always thought that rhythm and rythm were 2 separate words. I wasn't aware that rythm was actually a mispelling of rhythm. I though that rhythm referred to music and rythm referred to the rhythm of anything else that is not related to music, like your heart for example. Anyway, thanks for this!
    25th March 2023 at 11:38
    Hi, Michael. Great! I'm really glad this was useful and you're very welcome :)

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