Spelling Tips: Flyer or Flier?
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  • 30th July 2021

Spelling Tips: Flyer or Flier?

What is the difference between the words “flyer” and “flier”? Is it just a matter of spelling? Or is there something else going on? These two words can cause much confusion, but don’t fret! This article explains which word to use in your writing.

Flyer or Flier?

“Flyer” is a noun that usually refers to a pamphlet or brochure:

John, please distribute our new flyer to the customers.

Alternatively, it can refer to a person or thing that flies:

As a frequent flyer, I feel comfortable in airports.

The term “flier,” meanwhile, is simply a spelling variation of “flyer”:

John, please distribute our new flyer to the customers.

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As a frequent flyer, I feel comfortable in airports.

Which spelling, though, should you use in your writing? The most common spelling of this word in modern English is “flyer,” so we suggest that as a default. However, some style guides prefer “flier,” so make sure to check for this if you’re using one! We’ll look at what some well-known style guides say on this matter next.

What the Style Guides Say

Some well-known style guides have advice on using “flyer” or “flier,” including:

Not all style guides recommend one form over the other. In these cases, you can typically use whichever spelling you prefer (as long as you apply one spelling consistently in your writing). However, you may also want to check a dictionary for your chosen dialect of English (e.g., the Merriam-Webster dictionary still recommends “flier” as the default in American English).

Summary: Flyer or Flier?

To summarize what we’ve explained in this post:

  • “Flyer” and “flier” are two spellings of the same word.
  • “Flyer” is the most common spelling in modern English.
  • Some style guides and dictionaries have preferences for which spelling should be used, so make sure to check yours if you are using one.

In short, you should check which spelling your style guide recommends. Otherwise, you may wish to choose the spelling “flyer” as it is the most common. Whichever spelling you pick, though, make sure to use it consistently throughout your writing.

The English language has many subtle rules, variations, and requirements. Sometimes, it can seem tricky to keep track of them all. Our expert proofreaders are here to help – why not submit a free sample document today?

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