In Need of Website Proofreading? Here Are Your Options
  • 3-minute read
  • 22nd February 2022

In Need of Website Proofreading? Here Are Your Options

Having a website is key to the success of your business. In today’s digital world, online presence is more important than ever, and your website is probably one of the first impressions your customers will have of your business. To ensure you effectively establish your brand and credibility and maintain your professionalism, it’s crucial to proofread your website.

While self-proofreading is a great place to start, there are many other proofreading and editing options that will take your writing to the next level. Check out our guide below to learn more!

1. Peer Proofreading & Editing

Since it’s difficult to catch all the errors in your own writing, it can be beneficial to get feedback from your trusted team members. By getting an outside perspective, you can ensure that your final product is of high quality. There are tools like Google Docs that can make this collaboration easier and more effective!

Keep in mind that this kind of proofreading isn’t without its limitations. Running a business is a lot of work, so your team members might not always have much time for proofreading, and even if they have subject matter expertise, they’re probably not expert editors, so some mistakes might still be missed.

2. Automated Proofreading & Editing

There are many different types of automated proofreading services that use artificial intelligence to check spelling, grammar, and basic style issues; these are more advanced than a simple spell checker.

●  Browser extensions can evaluate your writing anywhere you go on the internet.

●  Website applications offer a dedicated space for you to paste in limited amounts of text for review, and some offer a space to write and save documents.

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●  Mobile applications add a keyboard extension that can evaluate your writing anywhere you’re typing on your phone or tablet.

●  There are also Microsoft Word and Google Doc integration options if that’s where you’re creating most of your content.

Many of these services are free or relatively inexpensive and provide immediate results. However, these tools aren’t able to detect every error. Since they can’t consider the context or the writer’s intended message, they might make incorrect suggestions, so it’s important to check the suggested changes carefully.

3. Professional Proofreading & Editing

Professional proofreading and editing services are more expensive than the other tools discussed, but they provide expert-level services and can ensure a high-quality final product. Nothing can mimic the way humans check language, and professional proofreading services have standardized training for their editors and extra quality control measures. The quality you’ll get is definitely worth the investment.

We have expert editors available 24/7 for all your business writing needs. We also have a next-day guarantee for projects of 10,000 words or less, and there are options to upgrade if you need a faster turnaround. Also, if you sign up as a business customer with us, you’ll get an account manager who’s your main point of contact and acts as a liaison between you and the editors. Upload a free trial document or contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business achieve its goals!

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