How to Format an APA Title Page
  • 3-minute read
  • 16th April 2022

How to Format an APA Title Page

There are various styles and formats that colleges and universities prescribe for use in articles, essays, and dissertations. The rules and requirements for each guide vary according to the institution you attend. Irrespective of the version you’re using, there are typically many common requirements.

In this article, we’re looking specifically at the APA style. Students writing an academic paper using this style are required to have a title page, which is the APA style’s name for a title page. Keep reading to learn how to complete your essay with an exceptional title page that satisfies all APA requirements.

APA Title Page Requirements

Unless you’ve been instructed otherwise by your lecturers or course facilitators, the following are the basic requirements for a student’s title page:

This means you’d only capitalize the first word of the title and any nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and words longer than four letters.

1. Title

  • Should be centered
  • Use bold font
  • Three to four lines down the title page
  • Title case capitalization

This means you’d only capitalize the first word of the title and any nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

  • Optional: Add the subtitle (if applicable) on a separate, double-spaced line
  • No prescribed length 
  • Include keywords
  • Must be related to the assignment or subject

2. Author’s Name

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  • Leave a double-spaced line after the title
  • Should be centered
  • Two authors: add the word and between the names
  • Three or more authors: add a comma between the names; add the word and before the final name

3. Author Affiliation

  • Include your college or university and the relevant department name
  • Separate the institution and the faculty name with a comma
  • Should be centered

4. Course Name and Number

  • Use your essay guidelines or instructions to add these details
  • Add the course number 
  • Add the course name
  • Separate the two with a colon
  • Should be centered

5. Instructor’s Name

  • Add in your facilitator’s name
  • Should be centered

6. Due Date of Assignment 

  • Enter the due date of your paper or essay
  • Should be centered
  • Format the date as per the style regularly used in your country

7. Page Number 

  • The title page should always be page 1
  • Include page numbers in the top right corner of the header
How to Format an APA title page

And that’s a wrap! Simple enough, right? If you’re writing a paper using the APA style, consider submitting a free sample to our expert editing team. We can help ensure it’s clear, concise, error-free, and meets the APA style requirements. 

Comments (2)
Taiwo Wale-Fadairo
10th November 2022 at 19:08
I need a guide to write a cover page on analysing an article for PhD admission. Thanks.
    12th November 2022 at 15:55
    Hi, Taiwo. I hope this helps! These are the standard requirements for an APA cover page for an academic document, but, if you’re not sure about the specific style requirement, it's best to check with your institution.

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