How to Cite a Manual or Handbook in APA Referencing
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  • 28th November 2021

How to Cite a Manual or Handbook in APA Referencing

If you’re going to refer to a handbook or technical manual in your academic writing, you need to cite it correctly. In this post, we’ll explain how to cite a manual or handbook in APA style, covering in-text citations and the reference list entry.

In-Text Citations for a Manual or Handbook in APA

APA is an author–date referencing system. Whenever you cite a source, then, you should include the author’s surname and the publication date.

However, not all manuals and handbooks have a named author. In these cases, you can use an organizational author instead (i.e. the name of the company that produced the manual or handbook). For instance:

Employees can relocate their workstations as required (Valve, 2012).

And if you quote a manual, make sure to include page numbers:

The Valve (2012) handbook states that “Any time you interview a potential hire, you need to ask yourself not only if they’re talented or collaborative but also if they’re capable of literally running this company, because they will be” (p. 6).

For more variations on this citation format, see our post on APA citations.

Afterward, you should include all the source’s details in the reference list.

Manuals and Handbooks in an APA Reference List

Manuals and handbooks are referenced using the following format in APA style:

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Author’s Surname, Initial(s)/Organisation name. (Year of Publication). Book title. Publisher name. DOI/URL (if accessed online).

For instance, the reference for the book cited above would appear as follows:

Valve. (2012). Handbook for new employees. Valve Press.

Finally, don’t forget the hanging indent for each reference list entry.

Expert APA Referencing

Hopefully, you’re now ready to cite manuals and handbooks in your academic writing. If you’d like an APA expert to check your reference list, though, our proofreaders can help. Send us your first 500 words for free.

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