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  • 18th February 2016

God Bless America! The 8 Weirdest College Majors in the US

America has a long tradition as the land of the free and home of the brave. Does this include the freedom to study whatever you darn well like? And the bravery to dedicate yourself to a college course that will confuse your friends and family?

You bet it does! To prove it, we’ve found seven of the weirdest college majors currently available in the USA, as well as another that (sadly) is even more unique.

1. Booze Studies!

If you want to make your own beer, you could always study for a degree in Fermentation Sciences from the Appalachian State University. More into wine than beer? Try Cornell University’s Viticulture and Enology degree instead!

2. Masters of Packaging

For more than sixty years, Michigan State University has “been a leader in teaching, research and outreach focused on packaging containers, materials, their functionality and improvement.” We never knew so much thought went into packaging, but we’ll definitely remember next time we can’t get a pickle jar open.

3. Decision Sciences

Unable to pick your major? Why not try a course in Decision Sciences? It’s not actually designed to help you make decisions, but it does cover statistics, information systems and operation management, so it sounds quite useful.

4. Become a Professional Adventurer!

OK, so a degree in Adventure Education won’t make you an adventurer in the same way Indiana Jones is an adventurer, but it’s definitely a start.

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5. The Truth is Out There…

Do people look at you funny when you say you’ve dedicated your life to discovering aliens? They might take you more seriously if you introduce yourself as a qualified astrobiologist!

6. Shoeing Horses

Horses across the country are glad that farriers are trained professionals, as no one would want to have strips of metal nailed to their feet by an amateur.

7. Mortuary Science

If you find busy office environments a little stressful, you might enjoy the peace and solitude of the mortuary instead (as long as you don’t mind all the dead bodies).

8. Enigmatology

According to its inventor, enigmatology is the study of puzzles. Why haven’t you heard of it until now? Because only one person has ever earned a degree in enigmatology: Will Shortz, who designed his own major program at Indiana University in 1974.

This makes Will Shortz the world’s only college-accredited “puzzle master,” which sounds a bit like the name of a crossword-based superhero. For this reason alone, we salute him.

Comments (1)
James Hovendick
16th February 2022 at 21:49
Loving this!! A Shakespeare and Hathaway -- Private Investigators TV program rerun used the term, "Enigmatology" this month, on a rerun February 10, 2022, of the original PBS broadcast on February 12, 2020. Series 3 of Episode 8 titled "All That Glitters." .. BTW, speaking of weird degrees, our granddaughter who graduated with a Masters in Mathematics last May has a UNIQUE BACHELOR DEGREE also from Georgetown University, a double major in Mathematics and Drama. She worked hard on those who were to be to get this degree, but they finally allowed it. ..

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