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  • 2nd January 2019

Example Press Release (Writing Tips)

We’ve previously offered a few tips on writing a press release, including:

  1. Start with an eye-catching headline.
  2. Tailor your press release to match your business goals.
  3. Include stats, photos, and/or quotes that journalists can use.
  4. Pick the perfect time to send your press release.

In this post, though, we’re going to show you how this works in practice. We’ll do this by presenting an example press release, plus a quick breakdown of how it fulfills each of the points above.

An Example Press Release

Proofed Launches Pioneering Punctuation Podcast

Launching February 2, 2019, the Proofed Punctuation Pod will cover everything from periods to parentheses for newcomers and experts alike.

New York, January 31, 2019 – Acclaimed proofreading company Proofed is launching a new podcast about punctuation. This will be the first professional podcast dedicated entirely to this topic, offering both helpful explainers and in-depth conversation on punctuation issues.

The podcast will be hosted by Mia Armitage, who has worked as a proofreader for over a decade, including three years with Proofed. Mia will be joined by a series of guest presenters, each of whom will discuss a favorite punctuation mark or an issue that interests them.

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Nielsen statistics show that 44% of the US population has listened to a podcast, while 26% listen to at least one podcast every month. This format therefore presents a great opportunity to engage people with punctuation in new, entertaining ways. According to Proofed CEO Bertrand McClain, “Punctuation can seem like a dry topic, especially to read about. But a podcast lets us present those issues as a lively conversation, offering a listener-friendly way to join the debate.”

Mia, meanwhile, is excited to present the podcast. “I was thrilled to be asked,” she says. “I have a passion for punctuation, so talking with so many clever people and sharing my love of language is a dream come true. Even I was surprised by how controversial punctuation can be sometimes. But you’ll hear that for yourself in episode one, I promise!”

The first episode, available February 2, via iTunes and the Proofed website, will feature Dr. Henry Jones, who has strong feelings about the serial comma. For more information on the podcast and upcoming guests, contact Sheryl Rook at info@proofed.com.

Analyzing the Example

Okay, so you’ve seen our example press release. But can you spot how it works? Key factors include:

  1. The headline is punchy and alliterative to make it memorable, but we also have a subtitle to provide extra information.
  2. The aim of the press release is to let people know about the new podcast. As such, we’ve included key details about where and when people can hear it.
  3. We’ve included stats and quotes that journalists can excerpt.
  4. The date of release is set for a few days before the podcast launch. This will ensure that it goes out at the most relevant time to attract listeners.

So our press release is simple, but it ticks all the right boxes! And to make sure your press releases are perfect, don’t forget that proofreading is vital.

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