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  • 31st December 2015

6 Great Places to Study (The Pros and Cons)

When you’re studying for class or a test, you need the perfect environment to make sure you don’t get distracted. Everyone is different in this respect, but generally your place of study should be quiet and uncluttered, with easy access to everything you need for revising.

The best spot for you will thus depend on your personal requirements, but in this post we offer a quick rundown of some of your options for places to study…

The Library

The classic first stop for the studiously-inclined, public and campus libraries are designed to offer all the amenities you could possibly desire while studying.

Pros: Lots of books; free internet; helpful librarians; enforced quietness

Cons: Can involve a manic scramble for work space; people making out in the reference section; slight danger of encountering ghosts

Dorm Room

If you can’t find space at the library, working from your dorm room is a viable alternative (as long as your roommate will leave you alone for long enough).

Pros: Familiar environment; easy access to your own books; freedom to snack

Cons: Easy to get distracted; noisy roommates; proximity to bed makes napping tempting

Someone Else’s House

Ideally this should be someone you know and you should ask first, otherwise you may be committing a felony.

Pros: Fewer home distractions; availability of “study buddy” to keep you on track; someone to make coffee for you

Cons: Have to coordinate with study buddy; might have to make coffee for someone else

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Coffee Shops

These days, coffee shops are always packed with students, aspiring writers, jobbing actors and generally bohemian types. Admittedly, most of them are there working part-time as baristas, but coffee shops are also a good place to go and study.

Pros: Peaceful place to sit for hours reading/writing; free Wi-Fi; definitely won’t have to make your own coffee

Cons: Can get expensive without loyalty card; busy during peak hours; strong possibility of developing caffeine addiction

The Park

Thanks to e-readers, smartphones and roaming internet connections, studying outdoors has never been easier! Just remember to check the weather forecast before heading outside…

Pros: Fresh air; easy to find a quiet spot away from other people; ambient birdsong

Cons: Chance of rain; insect bites; lack of electrical outlets; may get disturbed by errant joggers

Outer Space

If all else fails in your quest for a peaceful spot away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, you can always commandeer a rocket ship and leave the Earth altogether.

Pros: Definitely quiet; good view

Cons: Rocket fuel expensive; majesty of the universe can become distracting

Are there any good places to study we’ve forgotten? Or do you think going to space is impractical? If so, let us know in the comments!

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