5 Wordle Alternatives for Word Game Lovers
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  • 17th July 2022

5 Wordle Alternatives for Word Game Lovers

Whether you’re a busy professional taking a break from work, or an author looking to train your language skills, word games can be great fun.

One of the most popular word games at the moment is The New York Times’ Wordle, which challenges players to guess a five-letter word in six tries or less. But Wordle only has one puzzle per day, so what do you do while you’re waiting for the next one? Well, play another word game of course!

Here are our five favorite Wordle alternatives that fans are sure to enjoy:

  1. Quordle
  2. Crosswordle
  3. Absurdle
  4. Reductle
  5. Semantle

Read on to find out more about these games for word enthusiasts.

1. Quordle

If trying to guess one five-letter word isn’t enough of a challenge for you, how about guessing four at once? That’s the premise of Quordle, a Wordle spin-off that follows the same basic idea but is four times as tough.

Having to guess multiple words simultaneously means you might want to have a strategy – will you try and guess all four from the start, or focus on one before narrowing down the others? Even with eight guesses rather than six, it’s still tricky to get all four words right.

2. Crosswordle

As you’ve probably guessed, Crosswordle is similar to Wordle, except you have to guess two words that cross over, like in a crossword puzzle. The two words are different in length, and no clues are provided, but the correct answers will be related to each other in some way (e.g., “home” and “office”).

If you play a lot of crosswords, this game should come naturally to you. You can even make your own Crosswordle to share!

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3. Absurdle

At first, Absurdle appears to work just like Wordle. But this game has a twist: you’re playing against a mischievous AI that doesn’t want you to win! This means that with every guess you make, Absurdle actually changes the correct answer.

This might make the game sound unwinnable, but it’s not quite that simple – in fact, it’s possible to win in four turns! It can be hard to pick up the rules, though, so you should read the creator’s explanation before playing.

4. Redactle

A play on “Wordle” and “redacted,” Redactle is a departure from the typical Wordle structure. The goal of Redactle is to discover the subject of a Wikipedia article by guessing the missing (or redacted) words. The game then shows you where and how often your guessed words appear.

This one is fun but be warned: finding the answer can easily take 100 guesses or more! So, if you’re just taking a quick break from work, a different puzzle might be better.

5. Semantle

If you’re looking for a word game that’s a little more complex, try Semantle. The aim here is to work out the secret word of the day by guessing words that are semantically similar to it (or share a similar meaning). Semantle lets you know how close each of your guesses are and gives each word a cold, tepid, or hot rating.

This game is less about the spelling of words and more about the meaning, so it’s a great way to challenge your vocabulary and synonym skills. Don’t be ashamed to use the hint button, though, or things might get tricky!

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