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  • 9th January 2016

5 Brilliant Motivation Tips to Help You Study

If you’ve searched for motivation tips on our blog, we’re guessing that of all the things you want to be doing right now, working isn’t one of them. Maybe you’ve trawled the internet’s extensive archive of motivation-themed gifs already, only to find yourself stubbornly idle.

Well if that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find five brilliant motivation tips to help you with your studies, so soon you’ll be working harder than a beaver in the busy season!

1.     Set Achievable Goals

We all know the tyranny of the blank page. That little cursor blinking at you accusingly while you stare at a new document, not knowing how to start. And with longer papers, sometimes it seems like you’ll never be finished.

It’s thus important to set achievable goals. When you start a new assignment, begin with something simple, like making a plan of what you’re going to do, compiling a list of sources or identifying your research questions. Likewise, when faced with a heavy workload, try to write a set number of words every day. You’ll be surprised how much progress you make!

2.     Reward Yourself

If you’re setting achievable targets, you should also reward yourself when you hit them. This might be as simple as saving your night out until you’ve got an important piece of work done. But you can also treat yourself with bigger prizes for completing major assignments.

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3.     Get Support

No one can force you to feel motivated, but a little help can go a long way. If you’re struggling because you’re confused about something mentioned in class, for instance, try asking your professor for clarification. Similarly, if you find it hard to revise by yourself, start a study group with friends.

4.     Get Competitive!

When we say competitive, we don’t mean bragging to the rest of your class about your test scores. Rather, you should think of each paper as a chance to improve on the last one. Aim for a new personal best each time!

Alternatively, you and a friend could compete against each other to see who can do best on each assignment. Try to be a graceful winner though, otherwise you might not be friends much longer.

5.     Beware Bad Study Habits

Finally, try to be aware of your own bad habits. This includes things like procrastination, low confidence and getting frustrated because your paper isn’t “perfect.” All of these will drain your motivation, so knowing how to spot them can help you stay on track.

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