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  • 1st September 2019

Proofed Introduces LaTeX Document Uploading

You can now upload “.tex” files for proofreading.

Proofed’s LaTeX proofreading service has long been valued by students and researchers. And with our recent site revamp, uploading “.tex” files for proofreading is easier than ever.

Rather than sending “.tex” files via email, you can now:

  • Add “.tex” files directly to our system by dragging and dropping them onto our upload page.
  • Rearrange uploaded files so they’re checked in the right order.
  • Leave detailed notes or instructions for your editor.

Drag and drop your LaTeX files here.

We will then proofread the text, while leaving the markup as it is to preserve your formatting. And when we’re done, we’ll send you two copies of your file:

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  • The original “.tex” file(s) with the updated text.
  • A Track Changes copy with all edits highlighted.

You can then check every change in Microsoft Word or another word processor, so you’re always in control of the final document.

Proofed Co-Founder and COO Kiran Chauhan is pleased to introduce this new function: “Proofed began as an academic proofreading company, so we have always worked with researchers and students. And since LaTeX is so widely used in academic publishing, we want to make getting a ‘.tex’ file proofread as simple as possible. Allowing direct uploading helps us achieve that goal. And we’re always looking for new ways to enhance our services based on what our customers say they want.”

Direct “.tex” file uploading is available on our US, UK, and Australian sites. So let us know if you’re working on a LaTeX document, and we’ll handle the proofreading.

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