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  • 15th October 2018

Proofed Appoints Joshua Pizzaro As Director

Bringing artificial intelligence to the world of proofreading and editing.


Proofed has always looked to the future, and it continues to do so by appointing Joshua Pizzaro as a new board member. In particular, since Joshua specializes in artificial intelligence, he will help Proofed explore how to apply this innovative technology to the world of editing and proofreading.

As the Director of Artificial Intelligence at American Express, Joshua has substantial experience in technology innovation and leading global product development initiatives. He has also served as a technology consultant for several Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft and IBM. Throughout his career, Joshua has received recognition and awards for his technology and management achievements, including for his role in developing the first Nationwide Healthcare Information Exchange prototype to successfully demonstrate the exchange of electronic clinical health information. He holds an MSc in Computer Science from Boston University.

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Asked about his role at Proofed, Joshua says, “Machine learning unlocks endless possibilities in this space. It’s a very exciting time for Proofed.” And Co-Founder and COO of Proofed Inc. Kiran Chauhan is happy to welcome Joshua to the team: “We’re really looking forward to the future at Proofed. Artificial intelligence is now part of our everyday lives, so we are keen to discover what it can do for our editing services. And Joshua is the perfect man for the job.”

To find out more about what Joshua will be doing at Proofed, Inc., you can email him at josh@getproofed.com.

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