Steve B

Broadstone, United Kingdom

“Readers remember mistakes. Don't let them find any!”

Steve B

Specialist subjects:

Creative Writing Education English Mental Health


BA (Hons) in English

Kingston University


Favorite referencing style

The simpler the better!

Why I became an editor

I studied English at university, which involved critiquing a great deal of texts. I have always loved working with words and continued this passion in my teaching experience over the last 14 years.

I currently tutor a range of children and help friends and family by proofreading their work. I've always had a keen eye for detail and want to help others improve the quality of their writing.

Background and experience

As the deputy headteacher, I was in charge of proofreading all documentation that the school sent out. Before that, I was a class teacher and taught English at a primary school.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I have a keen eye for detail and can't stand mistakes in published pieces of work! I've proofread literature consistently in my role in at school and offered help with letter writing at senior management levels.

Steve B

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Favorite book:

Anything by Philip Pullman.


I love watching my team play football (soccer).

Editing tips:

I like to get a feel for the tone of the piece with an initial quick read before going back and thoroughly examining the text. I give it my whole attention and shut everything else out.

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