Mark D

Cedar Rapids, United States

“Proofreading is like doing a puzzle, and when all of the pieces are in place, the picture becomes clear.”

Mark D

Specialist subjects:

Creative Writing Dance Drama & Theater Fiction Music Physiotherapy TESOL


BA in Dance

University of Iowa


Favorite referencing style

My favorite referencing style is AMA style. To me, it seems to be the most efficient and sensible citation style.

Why I became an editor

I became a proofreader fairly late in life. I was a professional dancer in New York City for most of my youth. To me, writing is like dance but in a different format.
Our words are an extension of ourselves. I have always loved words and the expressive possibilities they contain, and all the rules of grammar and intricacies of the language are what led me to proofreading. It is like doing a puzzle, and when all of the pieces are in place, the picture becomes clear. I enjoy that process.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I find satisfaction from editing a piece of writing so it is clear, concise, and well-expressed; but ultimately, the biggest reward comes from enabling a person to properly communicate their ideas and creativity effectively.

Mark D

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Favorite book:

One of my favorite books is The Last Gentleman Adventurer: Coming of Age in the Arctic by Edward Beauclerk Maurice.


When I am not proofreading, I do Wim Hof breath-holding exercises (that does not last long), play violin (sorry, neighbors), juggle while hiking (yes, I am that weirdo), or other sundry activities.

Editing tips:

I like to have a checklist of all pertinent items to look for when I proofread. If the document is not too large, I proofread multiple times, focusing on certain mistakes to look for on each read.

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