Lauri N

Colmesneil, United States

“A devotee of great grammar and perfect punctuation.”

Specialist subjects:



AAS Physical Therapist Assistant

Houston Community College System


Favorite referencing style

I like APA, primarily because it is the one I am the most familiar with. I find it very clean and logical.

Why I became an editor

I was the student that loved diagramming sentences. (I still do!) I studied physical therapy in college, which included coursework in biology, anatomy, physics, kinesiology, pathology, and medical documentation. I love working with my patients to improve their quality of life, and I bring that same enthusiasm into my proofreading by helping others to improve their words.

Background and experience

I have extensive experience in the field of physical therapy. That experience has taught me the importance of accurate documentation, time management, and clear communication. My love for the written word has led me to train as a proofreader, and I plan to pivot my career to proofreading full-time.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love the challenge of sniffing out errors and the satisfaction of knowing how to correct them. I love that grammar is both a set of rules and an art form. My preferences range widely – I have an affinity for fiction, but I also love the crisp guidelines of referencing. The bulk of my education has been with CMOS and APA.

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Favorite book:

I love the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. It satisfies my love for historical fiction, adventure, and romance. And I love big books!


I enjoy hand weaving and spinning yarn, trying new recipes, and attempting to garden.

Editing tips:

I skim through the document first to get a feel for the tone. Working backward through a page or a paragraph helps me to focus on one sentence at a time, and I use the read aloud feature in Word.

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