Laura R

Pennsylvania, United States

“There is magic in getting the words just right.”

Laura R

Specialist subjects:

Creative Writing Fiction Graphic Design Music Women's & Gender Studies


AA in Music Industry

Harrisburg Area Community College


Favorite referencing style

Chicago footnote and bibliography referencing—it does the least to interrupt the flow of reading while being the most convenient to look up the sources.

Why I became an editor

I've always been a bookworm with an eye for detail. In my teens, I was editing assignments for classmates and spending time on writing communities online. A few years ago, I connected with some independent writers and copyedited several short stories and novels. I found that I enjoyed the work and was good at it, so I decided to pursue editing and proofreading as a career. I took the Becoming A Proofreader course from Knowadays and was offered a contract with Proofed!

Background and experience

Freelance Copyediting for Self-Published Authors

Graphic Designer
(included proofreading & print shop work)
Downtown Sound, Lemoyne, PA

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love working with a writer to refine a piece while maintaining its essence. Seeing how my collaboration makes a difference in the final product is so rewarding. I’m putting my meticulous nature to good use! I also deeply appreciate the opportunity to read and learn about things I might not have explored on my own.

Laura R

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Favorite book:

“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson.


You can often find me reading fantasy novels, making music, and playing video games of all kinds.

Editing tips:

We often include extra words that dilute the message we're trying to convey. Don't be afraid to let go of the qualifiers!

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