Dr. Jenny E


“Proofreading means always being perfectly understood.”

Dr. Jenny E

Specialist subjects:

American Studies Art History Communication & Media Studies Cultural Studies English Film Studies International Development Language & Literature Photography Women's & Gender Studies


PhD American Studies

King's College London


MA American Literature and Film

National University of Ireland/University College Cork


BA (hons) English with Philosophy

National University of Ireland/University College Cork


Favorite referencing style

APA is my favourite referencing style because, to me, it's the most intuitive style with the clearest citations.

Why I became an editor

I've always followed my passion for language and writing, from studying literature at university to editing financial reports, from copywriting for corporate clients to teaching English as a second language. This has all led me to pursue a career helping people make their writing crystal clear.

Background and experience

I focused on language and writing in my undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees. This experience has been reinforced in my employment experience. I wrote and edited all the content for a new website for a multinational corporation. As Head of Client Services at an asset management company in the City of London, I wrote and edited marketing materials, and I edited and proofread financial reports that were distributed around the world. I have also tutored university students in essay writing as a graduate teaching assistant, and I have specialised in proofreading for speakers of English as a second language. I am capitalising on this diverse experience by working with a range of clients in a range of sectors.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I've always found joy in ideas being expressed clearly because, for me, ideas are the hard part. So I'm proud to be able to help people express these ideas with clarity. My experience in both the academic and business spheres means I'm familiar with a range of different styles of writing. I also know how difficult it can be to be understood in another language as this happens a lot when I'm speaking Spanish!

Dr. Jenny E

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Favorite book:

The Professor's House by Willa Cather. Through its vibrant depictions of diverse places and the journeys that connect them, the novel transports the reader from the city to the desert and back again without ever leaving their chair.


I'm currently establishing a non-profit organisation that partners with Indigenous artisans in Latin America, so that takes up most of my non-proofreading time at the moment. I'm also learning Spanish – my friends tell me I'm addicted to learning!

Editing tips:

I always pay particular attention to key terms and words that are used a lot in a document because it's important to understand and maintain the author's focus. It's also important to watch out for typos that aren't picked up by spell check, like "from"/"form" and – my personal favourite – "customers"/"customers."

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