Dominic M

Fareham, United Kingdom

“Reading, even proofreading, is always a pleasure.”

Dominic M

Specialist subjects:

Creative Writing English Fiction

Editing formats:


Favorite referencing style

APA. IEEE may seem the simplest; however, as I have a lot of experience with APA, it has become second nature.

Why I became an editor

My childhood dream was to be a published author, and I studied publishing at university to get a good feel for the industry. I then spent a lot of time in my professional life writing letters, procedures and training guides.
Being a proofreader allows me to combine a lot of this experience with my love of reading, writing and helping people.

Background and experience

I've always worked in customer service to one degree or another. I spent two years working as part of a complaints team for a utilities company, responding to written complaints by either letter or email.
I then took this experience to another industry: fleet leasing and management. Here, I put together training courses and procedure documents for the entire customer service department.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love helping people, and to know that I've helped someone fine-tune their work gives me a real sense of pride.

Dominic M

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Favorite book:

A Time of Courage by John Gwynne.


I love reading and talking about books. Outside of the written word, I like to cook and then relax with a nice meal while catching up on some favourite TV shows.

Editing tips:

Reading a document through first, without stopping to make corrections, helps me to pick out little errors that might otherwise be missed. Reading aloud or even backwards can also be very helpful.

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