Cinthia M

Ohio, USA

“Making every word count”

Cinthia M

Specialist subjects:

Anatomy & Physiology Aural & Oral Sciences Biological Sciences Creative Writing Education English Fiction Physical Sciences


MA Speech-Language Pathology

Kent State University


Favorite referencing style

Having worked in the sciences, APA is my favorite style. But I am not partial.

Why I became an editor

Throughout my career as a speech-language pathologist and educational consultant, I have written, edited, and proofread countless reports and presentations. My colleagues agree that I have an almost irritating penchant for spotting errors in written work.

Proofreading/copy editing is the perfect next step for me. I look forward to helping writers in the final stages of publication.

Background and experience

As a speech-language pathologist and educational consultant, I have extensive experience writing and editing educational material, including reports, grant proposals, technical manuals, presentations, letters, and news articles. Colleagues rely on me to proofread and edit their work.

Recent projects include:
● Newsletter-style publications aimed at educators: follow-up to training in augmentative and alternative communication
● Individual education plans and evaluation team reports: descriptive, concise summaries of educational skills and needs for students with disabilities
● Instructional guides for educators and speech-language pathologists: how to use various multimedia tools to increase engagement via remote learning and telepractice

My educational background includes a master's degree in speech pathology, additional coursework in assistive technology and educational supervision, and numerous continuing education experiences annually. I am highly trained and experienced in the core language skills required of a great proofreader: spelling, grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, style, and voice.

Why I love proofreading and editing

My career has been about helping others improve their use of language, including written language. What I love about proofreading is that I get to help writers by adding clarity and concision to their written works.

Cinthia M

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Favorite book:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J. K. Rowling because of the fascinating language the author used. Special memory: I began reading it with my son when he was in first grade; I read a paragraph, he read a paragraph. By the middle of the book, he was reading independently. That book produced a lifelong reader!


I love to travel (another reason proofreading is the perfect job), play with my grandkids, and plan for a future vacation home!

Editing tips:

I find that first skimming the document as a whole gives me a picture of the author's intent. I use built-in proofreading tools to start, then make additional passes manually for details. Using a checklist helps ensure that each element is addressed.

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