Alexander S

Cheltenham, United Kingdom

“Professional, flawless, and polished proofreading.”

Alexander S

Specialist subjects:

Accounting & Finance Business & Management E-commerce Economics Education English History Language & Literature Philosophy Politics


BA in Russian Studies

University of Essex


Favorite referencing style

I like the APA referencing style best.

Why I became an editor

I studied Russian at university with a particular emphasis on the language, history, politics, and literature of the country. Several years later, I moved to Russia and lived there for 10 years, teaching English and translating. After returning to England, I decided to become a full-time translator and proofreader. I get to spend time reading about all kinds of topics, from technical articles on gold mining to blog posts on traveling around the world. I especially enjoy helping people.

Background and experience

I have worked as a freelance translator (Russian–English) since 2010. As well as translating, I have edited for non-native English speakers, which often involves making major changes to the text and providing relevant feedback to the client. I specialize in business, finance, and marketing, as well as non-technical academic texts, and I regularly translate and edit contracts, blog posts, and websites. From 2003–2010, I taught English as a foreign language in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I enjoy going through a text line-by-line to find any errors and produce a polished, flawless piece of work. I particularly enjoy work that requires some research on the subject, especially if it’s related to politics or history.

Alexander S

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Favorite book:

If Not Now, When? by Primo Levi is my favorite book.


When I'm not proofreading, I like going for walks in the countryside, listening to music, and watching football matches.

Editing tips:

I first read through the text to make sure I understand the topic and audience. Then I go through the text several times, looking for different types of errors. Finally, I read the text out loud.

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