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  • 25th March 2015

How to Write Acknowledgements

If you are near the end of your thesis, you can start to think about putting on the finishing touches. One thing you will have to do here is write your acknowledgements. A lot of people worry about this, but there’s really no need. As we are about to show, it’s actually quite simple!

What Are Acknowledgements?

The acknowledgement section of a thesis is where you can thank everyone who has helped you in your research. It is typically located at the beginning of your thesis, right after the contents page, and shouldn’t really be more than one or two pages long. The best thing to do is to keep it concise.

Who Should I Thank?

Think about the people who were of crucial importance during your research. This could include friends, family or professors, or even volunteers who have taken part in your research. It’s also important to acknowledge professional bodies who have given you funding or other help.

How Should I Write It?

There are no strict requirements for the tone of your acknowledgements; it’s essentially the one section where you can be a little bit more informal! Try to make sure the tone fits the person or organization you’re thanking, though, maintaining a formal approach when addressing funding bodies or other official groups.

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Other than trying to be concise, the main thing you should keep in mind is varying your language, if only because starting every sentence with “I would like to thank…” will sound a bit dull.

There are several ways you could word your thanks. A few suggestions are:

  • This research would not have been possible without…
  • My sincere thanks go to…
  • I am grateful to…
  • Heartfelt thanks to…
  • I would like to express my gratitude to…
  • Appreciation is due to…
  • I acknowledge the contribution of…
  • I am indebted to…

And that’s all there is to it! Relax and enjoy writing your acknowledgements. If you’ve got this far in the thesis-writing process, you’re over the toughest bit now! For more information about writing a dissertation or thesis, read our full dissertation writing guide.

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Fariha Sultana Azha
5th November 2020 at 16:40
It's very helpful Thanks

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