How to Cite a Blog Post in Chicago Author–Date Referencing
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  • 16th February 2021

How to Cite a Blog Post in Chicago Author–Date Referencing

Blogs can be great sources, offering simple introductions to complex topics or exploring obscure ideas that don’t get attention elsewhere. Thus, in this post, we will look at how to cite a blog post in Chicago author–date referencing.

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How to Cite a Blog Post in Chicago Referencing

With the author–date version of Chicago referencing, you cite sources parenthetically in the text. To cite a blog post, give the author’s surname and year of publication in parentheses. For example:

The Arval Brethren worshipped Dea Dia, a goddess of fertility (Raddato 2020).

Here, we’re citing a blog post from 2020 by Carole Raddato. We would then give full source details in a reference list at the end of the document.

Blog Posts in a Chicago Reference List

The basic format for a blog post in a Chicago-style reference list is:

Surname, First Name. Year of Publication. “Title of Blog Post.” Title of Blog (blog). Name of Publishing Organization (if relevant). Full Date of Publication. URL.

You should include a publishing organization here if the blog if hosted by a publication or organization distinct from the author.

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For instance, the BBC hosts a variety of blogs, so you would typically include both the name of the blog and “BBC” as the publishing organization in a reference.

We’ll provide examples of what references of blog posts would look like below:

Hugh Ross, Ryan. 2020. “Julius Burger’s Themes of London: An Émigré’s legacy at the BBC.” BBC History Research (blog). BBC. December 7, 2020.

Raddato, Carole. 2020. “The Acts of the Arval Brethren of AD 120 (#Hadrian1900).” Following Hadrian (blog). January 16, 2020.

Make sure to include enough information for your reader to find the blog post cited.

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