Exercises for Practicing the Future Tense in English
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  • 4th January 2023

Exercises for Practicing the Future Tense in English

There are four future tenses in English. These include the simple future tense, the future continuous tense, the future perfect tense, and the future continuous perfect tense.

As a brief reminder, let’s look at an example of each future tense. If you need to refresh your memory in more detail, check out our article on using the future tense.

Simple Future TenseI will live in Spain someday.
Future Continuous TenseThis time next year, I will be living in Spain.
Future Perfect TenseIn 2027, I will have lived in Spain for 5 years.
Future Perfect Continuous TenseBy 2027, I will have been living in Spain for 5 years.

Save this page as a PDF or paste the questions into a blank document to fill in your answers.

Exercise 1: Multiple Choice

Choose the correct answer for the sentence.

  1. I ______ to the supermarket later.

A. will be going
B. will go
C. will have been going

  1. My aunt ______ a teacher for 30 years this September.

A. will be
B. is going to be
C. will have been

  1. ____ you go with me?

A. Shall
B. Will

4. She can’t go on the trip in September because she will ______ school.

A. have started
B. go to
C. have been starting

  1. She __________sleeping tonight because her baby is sick.

A. will be
B. will not have been
C. won’t be

  1. This time tomorrow, I’ll _______.

A. have been working
B. be working
C. have worked

Ready for the answers? See below.


Question 1: B (simple future tense because it does not point to a specific time)
Question 2: C (future perfect tense because it refers to a specific point in the future)
Question 3: B (“Shall” is used when the subject is I or we, while “will” is used for the second person)
Question 4: A (future perfect tense because something will have happened at a specific point in the future)
Question 5: C (future continuous tense because it refers to an ongoing action throughout the night, and it’s in the negative because of the context)
Question 6: B (future continuous tense because the action will not have ended at that point)

Exercise 2: Fill in the Blank

Write the correct tense in the blank box.

  1. _____ you go to class tomorrow?
  1. She _______ studying for several hours by the time we get home.
  1. In four years, I _____ done with school.
  1. She ______ going to the dance because she will be catching up on homework.
  1. Sarah and I _________ friends for 10 years next month.
  1. _____ we see a movie later?
  1. My brother _____ stop playing music, so I will call back later.
  1. In four years, I ________ finished my degree.
  1. When he gets home, he ________ working all day.
  1. This time next year, I _____ running my own business.
Ready for the answers? See below.


Question 1: Will (simple future tense, and the subject of the sentence is you)
Question 2: will have been (future perfect continuous tense)
Question 3: will be (simple future tense)
Question 4: will not be (future continuous tense)
Question 5: will have been (future perfect tense)
Question 6: Shall (simple future tense, and the subject of the request is we)
Question 7: will not (simple present tense in the negative)
Question 8: will have (future perfect tense)
Question 9: will have been (future perfect continuous tense)
Question 10: will be (future continuous tense)

Activity 1: Practicing the Future Continuous Tense

Using the phrases below, make sentences using the future continuous tense. Leave your answers in the comments.

What will you be doing…?

in 10 minutesin two hoursat 2 pm tomorrowthis weekend
in two weeksnext monththis time next yearin five years

Activity 2: Practicing the Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Look at the pictures below. Make a sentence describing what each person will have been doing once their day is over. Write your sentences in the comments below.A teacher                                     

A. A teacher

B. A musician/singer

C. A police officer

D. A server/waitress

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Below, we’ve listed some additional resources and possible sentences for activities 1 and 2. Don’t forget to share your sentences in the comments below.

Additional Resources for Future Tenses: 

A Quick Guide to the Simple Tenses 

A Quick Guide to the Perfect Tenses 

Possible Sentences for Activity 1:

●  This weekend, I’ll be watching TV at home and reading lots of books.

●  In two hours, I’ll be studying for my exam.

●  In five years, I’ll be running my own business.

●  In two weeks, I’ll be skiing with my family.

Possible Sentences for Activity 2:

A) By the end of the day, she will have been teaching her class for five hours.

B) By the end of his set, the musician will have been playing the guitar for two hours.

C) By the end of the day, the police officer will have been at the scene for five hours.

D)  By the end of her shift, the server will have been working for six hours.

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