Peter S

Berlin, Germany

“Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.”

Peter S

Specialist subjects:

Education English German Linguistics Marketing Pharmacology & Pharmacy TESOL Translation Studies

Editing formats:


BA in English

University of Illinois


Favorite referencing style

I'm partial to the Chicago Style since that was where I was born and raised. It's also the one I'm most familiar with since I used it in my graduate studies.

Why I became an editor

My very first foray into the world of proofreading was in the pharmaceutical industry. Since I started teaching ESL, I've been perusing student papers on a regular basis. Proofreading is a natural fit for me, considering my years of writing, teaching, and learning languages.

Background and experience

I started proofreading at a pharma company checking packaging inserts, bottle labels and patient warnings. I was also assistant editor for a local music magazine where I interviewed bands and wrote album reviews. I've been living abroad for over twenty years teaching ESL to a variety of students, from university pupils to businesspeople in corporate environments. Language instruction has solidified my knowledge of English grammar, and I often proofread student papers and academic dissertations. This has also lead me to do more translation work for Proofed, most recently working with a German business client where we translate and localize English source text into multiple target-languages, while retaining the original sense of the writing.

Why I love proofreading and editing

It still irks me to this day when people can't distinguish between "your" and "you're". I've always had a knack for correct spelling and enjoy helping English learners to write properly and effectively. It's rewarding when my students express their appreciation for my help.

Peter S

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Favorite book:

"An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser. This book captivated me. Also "The Naked and The Dead" by Norman Mailer which highlights the senselessness of war.


I'm a passionate fan of independent music and DJ for an internet radio station a few hours a week.

Editing tips:

I need to read a text several times to get a feel for the author's writing. I've discovered that having the computer read a text aloud helps me to pinpoint errors I might otherwise have missed.

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