Bryan A

United Kingdom

“Write the right word in the right place, and you'll be all right.”

Bryan A

Specialist subjects:

Communication & Media Studies Creative Writing Cultural Studies East & South Asian Studies Hospitality International Development Language & Literature Leisure Linguistics Recreation & Tourism TESOL Theology & Religious Studies


MA in Modern Languages

University of Cambridge


MA in Phonetics

University of London


Favorite referencing style

I'm happy to work with any style.

Why I became an editor

I've always loved words. I read widely, studied literature and languages at university, and I write poetry and novels for fun. I have worked in communications for many years, where it’s all about finding the right words to transmit your message. I love helping others improve their writing too.

Background and experience

I've done proofreading work for the Gates Foundation in China, I've edited Masters theses written by Chinese students, and I've done some freelance work proofing academic articles. I have also taught English as a foreign language, so I appreciate the struggles that speakers of other languages have with getting their English perfect.

Why I love proofreading and editing

Every tiny error bugs me! But I love putting things right by correcting the punctuation and typos and grammar mistakes until every word is in the right place and the sentences flow as they should.

Bryan A

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Favorite book:

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell


I love watching thought-provoking movies or getting out in nature for a long hike (especially if I can take photos on the way).

Editing tips:

It really helps to know who the audience is.

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