Ali M

Shakhurah, Bahrain

“Your pen is a powerful blade. Use it wisely.”

Specialist subjects:

Computer/Information Sciences Technology


High School Diploma

Abdulrahman Kanoo International School


Undergraduate BA in Computer Science


Favorite referencing style


Why I became an editor

You can only learn so much in one lifetime. The knowledge we have today is thanks to several lifetimes of experiences from people all over the world—whether alive or gone. If we were to actually reinvent the wheel, where would we be right now? Everyone has something unique to say, but I believe this fact tends to elude many. By proofreading, I can contribute what little knowledge I have to help people learn, and it teaches me new things in the process.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love proofreading because it's a learning process.

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Favorite book:

The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov


I enjoy mastering toast with Toastmasters.

Editing tips:

Appreciate each unique writing style. Remember that it is not your place to decide what your author's writing style should be. However, you can always provide constructive feedback.

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