Writing Tips


2-minute read

Spelling Tips: Definitely or Definately?

Is accurate spelling important? Definitely! Or should that be “definately”? In this post, we’ll explain...

3-minute read

Spelling Tips: Accompanied or Acompanied?

Words with double consonants are often misspelled in English. But what is the correct spelling...

2-minute read

Vocabulary Tips: Synonyms for “However”

The word however is a conjunctive adverb, which means that it’s used to link two...

2-minute read

Spelling Tips: Favorite or Favourite?

“Favorite” and “favourite” are different spellings of the same word. So, does it matter if...

2-minute read

Is “a Series” Singular or Plural?

Series is an example of a collective noun. Even though a series is singular, it...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Below vs. Bellow

​​English can be a difficult language because even the most minor spelling differences can drastically...

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3-minute read

Word Choice: Intension vs. Intention

The words “intention” and “intension” are pronounced the same way, but they have different meanings....

2-minute read

Word Choice: Chute vs. Shoot

Although the words “chute” and “shoot” are spelled differently, they sound the same. And homophones...

3-minute read

Spelling Tips: Centre vs. Center

You may come across both “center” and “centre” in written English. But how do you...

2-minute read

Word Choice: Genes vs. Jeans

The words “genes” and “jeans” may sound alike, but they’re spelled differently and have different...

4-minute read

Spelling Tips: Website or Web Site?

Do you visit a “website” or a “web site”? And should these terms be capitalized?...

2-minute read

Spelling Tips: Tire or Tyre?

If you’re used to American English, you may not know the spelling “tyre.” This is...

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