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2-minute read

Grammar and Style Tips in Microsoft Word

As well as checking your spelling, Microsoft Word has a grammar and style tool. And...

4-minute read

Customizing the Spellchecker in Microsoft Word

The spellchecker in Microsoft Word is a useful tool (even if it can’t replace proofreading)....

3-minute read

Text Wrapping in Microsoft Word

From corporate logos in press releases to scientific diagrams in research papers, there are many...

3-minute read

How to Compare Two PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is widely used for creating slideshow presentations in business and education. But how...

4-minute read

Adding Images in Microsoft Word

From company logos to detailed scientific illustrations, there are many reasons to add an image...

3-minute read

Symbols and Special Characters in Microsoft Word

Your average keyboard has enough letters, numbers, and punctuation marks for all your day-to-day typing...

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4-minute read

How to Use Mail Merge: Excel to Microsoft Word

The mail merge function in Microsoft Word lets you insert information into a template document....

3-minute read

A Handy Guide to Microsoft Word Shortcuts

Being proofreaders, we spend a lot of time using Microsoft Word. And being people, we’re...

3-minute read

Margins and Page Orientation in Microsoft Word

Among other formatting options, Microsoft Word lets you adjust the page layout of a document....

3-minute read

How to Create an Index in Microsoft Word

Have you ever wondered who compiles the indexes at the end of books? Traditionally, this...

3-minute read

Formatting Columns in Microsoft Word

Much like ancient Greek architecture, some forms of writing would fall apart without columns. Newspapers,...

3-minute read

Microsoft Word: How to Indent Text in a Document

Formatting text in MS Word is both pleasingly simple and annoyingly complicated. Take text indentation,...

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