Writing Tips


5-minute read

Exercises for Practicing the Future Tense in English

There are four future tenses in English. These include the simple future tense, the future...

3-minute read

How to Use “As Well As” Correctly

You’ve probably seen “as well as” used interchangeably with “and,” but they don’t always have...

3-minute read

Grammar Tips: How to Use Neither/Either and Nor/Or Correctly

Neither/nor and either/or are pairs of words that many people struggle with, especially if English...

2-minute read

There Is vs. There Are: A Quick Guide

“There is/there are” is used to describe that something is present, exists, or helps give...

2-minute read

13 Examples of Irregular Plurals

English is notorious for having many exceptions to its grammar rules. Changing nouns to their...

3-minute read

An Introduction to the Third Conditional

Conditional statements are used to imagine things that might happen or could have happened. There...

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3-minute read

Grammar Tips: Defining vs. Non-defining Clauses

What Are Clauses? At its most basic, a clause is a grammatical unit that contains...

1-minute read

As Cold as Ice: A Guide to As…As Expressions

There are several kinds of as…as expressions in English. They are used to make comparisons...

3-minute read

Grammar Tips: What’s a Postmodifier?

A postmodifier is a word or group of words that gives more details or limits...

2-minute read

Grammar Tips: Who vs. That

If you’re sometimes unsure whether to use “who” or “that” in a sentence, you’re not...

3-minute read

What Are The Nine Parts of Speech?

The words we use when we communicate can be divided into nine parts, also known...

4-minute read

What Is Syntax in Writing?

English can be a complicated language. Sometimes, just by changing the order of words in...

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