Can You Open a Google Doc in Word? A Quick Guide
  • 2-minute read
  • 14th March 2022

Can You Open a Google Doc in Word? A Quick Guide

Google Docs is a free word processor that’s gained popularity for its simplicity and convenience. You can create, view, and edit documents online, collaborate with your colleagues in real time, and use many add-ons to take your projects and productivity to the next level.

Google Docs uses cloud storage, so you can access your documents from any device, at any time, and with its automatic save feature, you’ll never have to worry about losing your work again. It’s also fully compatible with Microsoft Word, so you can open your Google Docs in Word with a few simple steps.

Check out our guide below to find out how!

1. Converting the File

Converting your Google Doc to Microsoft Word’s .docx format allows you to open and edit it in Word.

Once you have your document open in Google Docs, click on the “File” menu, hover over the “Download” option, and then select “Microsoft Word” from the list of conversion options:

Note that there are many other formats you can convert your Google Doc to.

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2. Opening the File

Google Docs will then automatically save the converted file into your Downloads folder, which you can double click on to open in Microsoft Word:

Now you can continue editing your document in Word. And since Google Docs is fully compatible with Word, most of your formatting will be applied as well.

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