5 Tips for a Healthy Study-Life Balance at College
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  • 15th April 2016

5 Tips for a Healthy Study-Life Balance at College

Depending who you ask, college is either a) all about learning and developing skills for adult life; or b) where young people go to behave badly, away from the withering gazes of childhood authority figures.

In truth, it’s usually a bit of both. Nobody goes to college if they don’t have at least a passing interest in learning. But being a student is also about becoming independent and trying new things. The key is striking a healthy study-life balance.

But how do you make sure you’re making the most of student life without falling behind in your studies?

1. Set Realistic Goals

Most of us struggle to achieve a good study-life balance because we take on too much. Going to class and getting assignments done on time is time-consuming enough, so once you add your social life, college societies and a part-time job, your schedule can start looking pretty full.

Photo by Adrian Sampson (https://www.flickr.com/photos/adrian_s/11386276)
And then you end up feeling like this guy. [Photo: Adrian Sampson]

It’s therefore important to set realistic goals at college, taking account of your other commitments and leaving enough time to relax now and then.

2. Get Organized!

A regular working routine can help you study efficiently, leaving more time for other activities. Make sure to set aside time in advance if you know you have an assignment due and try your hardest to avoid procrastination.

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3. Know When to Prioritize

If you find yourself with too much to do, be prepared to let small things slide, which means understanding which tasks are most important and prioritizing them.

And in case you’re wondering, that doesn’t mean “not revising for the test because I wanted to go out with my friends on a Wednesday night.” If anything, the opposite is advisable.

4. Eat Healthy and Exercise

If you want to throw yourself fully into college life, you’ll need to keep your energy levels up. The best way to do this is by eating healthily and getting regular exercise.

5. Sleep Well (and Get Up Early)

As with diet and exercise, getting into good sleeping habits can boost your energy and make it easier to achieve a healthy life-study balance. As such, you should avoid coffee in the evenings and make sure your bedroom is a comfortable sleeping environment.

Finally, and we know this won’t be popular, but if you want to make the most of your day you should get up early. It’s not that you have to leap out of bed at the crack of dawn; just try to make sure you’re fully awake by the time your first class starts!

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