5 Great Tips for Business Writing
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  • 31st August 2018

5 Great Tips for Business Writing

Business writing includes everything from dry internal reports to snazzy website copy. But while different situations call for different writing styles, we have a few tips that apply to any type of business writing. Check them out below to find out how they could benefit your company!

1. Tailor Writing to an Audience

As mentioned above, business writing is a broad category. This means you should always write for a specific audience. So whether it is a technical report for those in the know or a light-hearted press release for the public, think about who you are writing for and adapt the tone and language to suit.

2. Beware Buzzwords and Jargon

Business buzzwords and jargon are not necessarily bad. Sometimes you need to use technical language to communicate something complicated. But take care not to go too far!

Packing your writing with jargon will make it difficult to read, especially if you aren’t writing for a specialist audience. And buzzwords can be alienating.

It is far better to keep things simple by using everyday language wherever possible. And if you need to use jargon, explain exactly what it means when you introduce the term.

3. Help Your Reader Find Key Details

Life is busy. And sometimes that means you don’t have time to read the small print. If you want to make sure your readers don’t miss important information, then, you have to make it easy for them.

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If you are writing for an internal audience, you may want to include an executive summary. This lets you summarize key details in an easy-to-read fashion, while giving full information in the rest of the document. If writing for a wider audience, use formatting (e.g., bold or italics) and headings to help your readers find the most important information even while skim reading.

4. Keep It Short

Write concisely wherever possible. After all, if time is money in the business world, you can’t assume everyone will read the entire 283-page report you sent. So keep it short where you can.

If you are writing a longer document, though, always give the main points first. This will ensure that even busy readers see what you need them to.

5. Always Proofread!

This is quite possibly the most important tip of all. And we’re not just saying that because we offer an outstanding business proofreading service. Whether or not you choose to work with us (you should), checking your business writing for errors is essential all of the time.

Errors in business writing will give a bad impression to customers, clients, and colleagues alike. They can even cost a lot of money if you’re unlucky! And this makes proofreading worth the effort.

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