Brent H

California, United States

“Spend your time on the writing; I'll take care of everything else.”

Brent H

Specialist subjects:

Earth Sciences Geology



Favorite referencing style

APA because I have the most experience with it.

Why I became an editor

I started attending college at 16. After trying many technical courses, I settled on geology as a focus of study. I have an academic background in chemistry, physics, calculus, and earth sciences. My desire to learn has led to a love of history, aviation, and climate.

I love the technicality of proofreading and formatting. I have years of experience in technical fields requiring the utmost of detail. I want to utilize that experience to help others clarify and simplify their writing.

Background and experience

I worked as an army operations officer writing reports and analyses. I was also a commercial airline pilot.

Why I love proofreading and editing

I love the detail! I relish the opportunity to find the small errors that one may miss in order to make their final product better. I enjoy proofreading anything with a technical side, especially if it's science or aviation related.

Brent H

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Favorite book:

“Devolution” by Max Brooks.

“Airframe” by Michael Crichton.

Anything written by Michael Pollan.


When not working, I am often in the kitchen. I love to cook all kinds of food and bake bread. I can also be found walking my golden retriever in the forest or reading a book about airplanes.

Editing tips:

I follow a checklist to ensure I don't miss the small things. Once the simple items have been checked and corrected, I will read the document multiple times, taking a break between each reading.

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